Three mile island essay

For two decades, officials advocating for beach renourishment argued that the beaches were indispensable to State and local tourism economies and provided the only real protection for people and property threatened by hurricanes and tropical storms. They also knew that the protection would soon be tested.

Three mile island essay

Clinton Folger, mail carrier for Nantucket, towed his car to the state highway for driving to Siasconsetin observance of an early 20th-century ban on automobiles on town roads. Nantucket Island's original Native American inhabitants, the Wampanoag peoplelived undisturbed until when the island was deeded by the English the authorities in control of all land from the coast of Maine to New York to Thomas Mayhew and his son, merchants from Watertown, Massachusettsand Martha's Vineyard.

Nantucket was part of Dukes CountyNew Yorkuntilwhen it was transferred to the newly formed Province of Massachusetts Bay and split off to form Nantucket County. As Europeans began to settle Cape Cod, the island became a place of refuge for Native Americans in the region, as Nantucket was not yet settled by Europeans.

The growing population welcomed seasonal groups of other Native Americans who traveled to the island to fish and later harvest whales that washed up on shore. There is some confusion about the identity of the first twenty owners, partly because William Pile did not choose a partner, and sold his interest to Richard Swain, which was subsequently divided between John Bishop and the children of George Bunker.

Anxious to add to their number and to induce tradesmen to come to the island, the total number of shares were increased to twenty-seven.

The original purchasers needed the assistance of tradesmen who were skilled in the arts of weaving, milling, building and other pursuits and selected men who were given half a share provided that they lived on Nantucket and carried on their trade for at least three years.

Bytwenty-seven shares had been divided among 31 owners. These men are considered the founding fathers of Nantucket, and many islanders are related to these families.

Three mile island essay

Seamen and tradesmen began to populate Nantucket, such as Richard Gardner arrived and Capt. John Gardner arrivedsons of Thomas Gardner.

At that time the pond was a small harbor, whose entrance silted up, forcing the settlers to dismantle their houses, and move them northeast by two miles to the present location. Van Deinse points out that the "scrag whale", described by P. Dudley in as one of the species hunted by early New England whalers, was almost certainly the gray whalewhich has flourished on the west coast of North America in modern times with protection from whaling.

For the sea is his; he owns it, as Emperors own empires".

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Bywhaling was in decline, as Nantucket's whaling industry had been surpassed by that of New Bedford. The island suffered great economic hardships, worsened by the "Great Fire" of July 13,that, fueled by whale oil and lumber, devastated the main town, burning some 40 acres 16 hectares.

The Lost Spaceship

Another contributor to the decline was the silting up of the harbor, which prevented large whaling ships from entering and leaving the port, unlike New Bedford, which still owned a deep water port.

In addition, the development of railroads made mainland whaling ports, such as New Bedford, more attractive because of the ease of transshipment of whale oil onto trains, an advantage unavailable to an island.

The American Civil War dealt the death blow to the island's whaling industry, as virtually all of the remaining whaling vessels were destroyed by Confederate commerce raiders. The isolation kept many of the pre-Civil War buildings intact and, by the s, enterprising developers began buying up large sections of the island and restoring them to create an upmarket destination for wealthy people in the Northeastern United States.

In the s, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard considered seceding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which they tried inunsuccessfully. The secession vote was sparked by a proposed change to the Massachusetts Constitution that reduced the islands' representation in the Massachusetts General Court.

The area of Nantucket Island proper is The low ridge across the northern section of the island was deposited as glacial moraine during a period of glacial standstill, a period during which till continued to arrive and was deposited as the glacier melted at a stationary front.

The southern part of the island is an outwash plainsloping away from the arc of the moraine and shaped at its margins by the sorting actions and transport of longshore drift.

Nantucket became an island when rising sea levels covered the connection with the mainland, about 5,—6, years ago. The main settlement, also called Nantucket, is located at the western end of Nantucket Harbor, where it opens into Nantucket Sound.

Key localities on the island include MadaketSurfsidePolpisWauwinet, Miacomet, and Siasconset generally shortened to "'Sconset". Similar to many other cities with an oceanic climate, Nantucket features a large number of cloudy or overcast days, particularly outside the summer months.The Near North Side is one of 77 defined community areas of Chicago, Illinois, United is the northernmost of the three areas that constitute central Chicago, the others being the Loop and the Near South community area is located north and east of the Chicago its east is Lake Michigan, and its northern boundary is the early 19th-century city limit of Chicago, North.

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