Revenge and emotions essay

October 25, This is a difficult prompt. Similarly, Medea receives divine approval in her fight for justice as the Gods support her actions.

Revenge and emotions essay

Revenge is when you see the person that you want them to pay and your hand turns to a fist, you want them to hurt.

Is revenge really worth It? Revenge can cause people to abandon their goals and focus their attention on the pain of the past. Those feelings can make us act in ways that can destroy our current lives, as we push away the people we love.

First, understand that when you are able to let it go, you will free up tons of energy that you can use for much more creative activities. Letting go of childhood Issues that have been with you for decades can be hard. Think of forgiveness as the key that can unlock the chains that have held you prisoner to your past.

I know many people who came from terribly abusive backgrounds, who were able to rise above it and create successful and loving lives. Getting even is emotionally expensive. Will You Feel Better?

Revenge and emotions essay

Maybe the purpose of revenge is in preventing certain hostile actions or the threat of revenge insures people do not hurt you in the future. But sometimes people act revengeful when no good can come of their actions, other than to inflict suffering on others.

From lovers running over an phone or destroying what their ex most values, to businessmen damaging the careers of those who have rejected them, to students opening fire In school hallways, revenge can be an act of anger, hurt and power. Thoughts of revenge might feel good and may be there for a reason, maybe to help us survive.

Trust is important in any relationship and critical for cooperative societies. When you are thinking about revenge, it usually means you believe trust has been broken.

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Remember, revenge may feel good, but the actual carrying out of revenge brings little satisfaction and may create more problems and suffering.

Wait until you are calm and can think reasonable before making any decisions. Learn from the experience. Were there signs of problems that you Ignored? Were you careful about who you trusted? What positive changes can you make based on what you have learned?

How do you see yourself as a result of this experience?

Revenge In Hamlet Essay Sample

Did you make decisions that show self-respect and reflect your values, without taking into account how the other person Related posts:Revenge is mostly about “acting out” (typically through violence) markedly negative emotions. At its worst, it expresses a hot, overwhelming desire for bloodshed.

In life, emotions can act as motivators for courses of action, particularly the feelings of fear, guilt and revenge. Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible shows these themes put to use on a number of occasions.

Revenge Essays: Over , Revenge Essays, Revenge Term Papers, Revenge Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Laertes wants immediate revenge for Polonius and these actions are based in anger and emotions, making him very rational.

Also because he is so consumed with revenge. Of course, there are - thankfully - other ways than revenge to restore one's emotional equilibrium after being hurt, and the essay was pre-written for purposes of the experiment.

The subjects. Related Documents: Hamlet essay on emotion, fate and reason Hamlet: Hamlet and Father Essay Hamlet Grieving His Father’s Death in Hamlet by William Shakespeare William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is a tragedy that is set back in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Essays; Hamlet essay on emotion, fate and reason; Hamlet essay on emotion, fate and reason. Hamlet essay on emotion, fate and reason. or any similar topic specifically for you.

Revenge and emotions essay

Do Not Waste Your Time. Throughout the play he juggles the idea of revenge, when hamlet decides to go through with his revenge, it backfires and causes Claudius.

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